Jacob Price

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Puget Sound. I received my Ph.D from the University of Washington in June 2018. My interests are in multiscale simulation methods, as both a practical and theoretical tool. Almost any system of interest to scientists, in biology, chemistry, physics, or pure mathematics, can be understood at more than one scale of detail. I am fascinated by how these disparate scales interact with and inform one another.

While I am a scientist, I’m also an educator. The beauty and power of mathematics has always captured my imagination. I delight in helping students of all backgrounds develop practical mathematical skills, as well as cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder about mathematics.


Curriculum Vitae


    • Ph. D. 2018

      Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

      University of Washington

    • M.S. 2013

      Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

      University of Washington

    • B.A. 2012

      Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Physics

      Kalamazoo College


    • Present2018

      Assistant Professor of Mathematics

      University of Puget Sound

    • 20182015

      Instructor of Applied Mathematics

      University of Washington

    • 2017 2017

      Summer School Instructor

      Math and Science Upward Bound

    • 20162015

      Graduate Student Research Scientist

      Los Alamos National Laboratory

      Coding Experience

      10 years Matlab experience

      8 years R experience

      7 years Mathematica experience

      3 years Python experience

      “Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries; for mathematics, the cultural world is one country.”

      David Hilbert


      • 2019
        Project NExT
        Selected to participate in professional development program for new Ph.D.s
        in the mathematical sciences. Addresses teaching, research, service, and
        professional activity. Silver '19 cohort.
      • 2018
        Tung Family Endowment Award
        For exemplary work by a student in the Department of Applied Mathematics.
      • 2016
        SIAM Chapter Award
        In recognition of outstanding e fforts and accomplishments on behalf of the
        SIAM Chapter at the University of Washington.
      • 2015
        Boeing Teaching Award
        Awarded for outstanding teaching by a student in Applied Mathematics.
      • 2015
        Los Alamos Computational Physics Fellowship
        Awarded a summer fellowship to participate in the Los Alamos Computational
        Physics Workshop.
      • 2015
        AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program
        Semifi nalist candidate for summer fellowship at a national science media
        outlet. Declined.
      • 2012
        Top Scholar Fellowship Award
        A fellowship o ffered by the University of Washington to promising fi rst year
        graduate students.
      • 2012
        Senior Leadership Recognition Award
        Awarded for ``enlightened leadership`` to graduating Kalamazoo College
      • 2012
        Clarke Benedict Williams Award
        Awarded to excellent graduating Kalamazoo College mathematics or computer
        science students.
      • 2012
        John Wesley Hornbeck Prize in Physics
        Awarded to promising graduating Kalamazoo College physics students.
      • 2012
        Music Department Award
        Awarded for work in the Kalamazoo College Singers and the Kalamadudes
        Men's A Cappella Group.
      • 2011
        Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer research grant
        Awarded in pursuant of summer undergraduate research under Dr. Eric Barth
        at Kalamazoo College.
      • 2010
        Park City Mathematics Institute Undergraduate Summer School
        Awarded a summer fellowship to attend the undergraduate summer school on
        image processing.
      • 2010
        Thomas O. Walton Prize
        Awarded to a member of the junior class for excellence in the work of the fi rst
        two years in mathematics.
      • 2009, 2010
        Kalamazoo College Departmental Awards
        Received awards from the physics and mathematics departments.
      • 2009
        H.P. and Genevieve Connable Scholarship
        Awarded for exemplary performance in science division courses during the first
        year of undergraduate study.

      Professional Organizations

      Since 2012

      Since 2013

      Since 2016