Tony Mullen
410 Thompson Hall
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Puget Sound
1500 N. Warner St.
Tacoma, WA 98416

Phone: 253.879.3562


Below is a partial list of my publications. Further information, including links to some full texts, can be found on my profile.


Mastering Blender 2nd Edition, Tony Mullen. Sybex/Wiley. 2012 (1st Ed. Sybex/Wiley. 2009; Japanese Ed. マスタリングBlender, Ascii Media Works, 2010; Polish Ed. Blender: Mistrzowskie animacje 3D, Helion, 2010.)

Prototyping Augmented Reality, Tony Mullen. Sybex/Wiley. 2011. (Spanish Ed. Realidad Aumentada. Crea tus propias aplicaciones, Anaya Multimedia, 2012.)

Introducing Character Animation with Blender 2nd Edition, Tony Mullen. Sybex/Wiley. 2011. (1st Ed. 2007, Japanese Ed. 3Dキャラクタアニメーション Blender, Ascii Media Works. 2008, Spanish Ed. Animacion de personajes con Blender, Anaya Multimedia, 2008.)

Blender Studio Projects: Digital Movie-making, Tony Mullen and Claudio Andaur, Sybex/Wiley. 2010.

3D for iPhone Apps with Blender and SIO2, Tony Mullen. Sybex/Wiley. 2010.

Bounce, Tumble and Splash! Simulating the Physical World with Blender, Tony Mullen, Sybex/Wiley, 2008. (Japanese ed. 物理シミュレーションBlender, Ascii Media Works, 2008).

Book Chapters

“Chapter VI: Skype-Based Tandem Language Learning and Web 2.0” in Handbook of Research on Language Acquisition Technologies: Web 2.0. Tony Mullen, Christine Appel, and Trevor Shanklin. 2008. IGI Global. ISBN: 978-1-60566-190-2

Refereed journals

“Taking Sides: Graph-based user classification for informal online political discourse.” Robert Malouf and Tony Mullen. 2008. Internet Research. Vol 18, Issue 2.

“A baseline feature set for learning rhetorical zones using full articles in the biomedical domain.” Tony Mullen, Yoko Mizuta, Nigel Collier. 2005. SIGKDD Explorations.

“Zone Analysis in Biology Articles as a Basis for Information Extraction.” Yoko Mizuta, Anna Korhonen, Tony Mullen, and Nigel Collier. 2005. JNLPBA.

“A New Tool for Teachers and Researchers Involved in E-mail Tandem Language Learning.” M.C. Appel and Tony Mullen. 2003. ReCALL.

“Pedagogical Considerations for Web-based Tandem Language Exchange.” M.C. Appel and Tony Mullen. 2000. Computers & Education. 34:3--4, pp. 291-308.

Conference proceedings

“A consideration of sentiment analysis methodologies for classification of political opinion texts.” Tony Mullen and Robert Malouf. 2007. Proceedings of IPSG-SIGNL 182, Shizuoka, Japan.

“Graph-based user classification for informal online political discourse.” Robert Malouf and Tony Mullen. 2007. Proceedings of the Workshop for Information Credibility on the Web. Miyazaki, Japan.

“A preliminary investigation into sentiment analysis for informal political discourse.” Tony Mullen and Robert Malouf. 2006. Proceedings of the AAAI Workshop on Analysis of Weblogs.

“Creation of a Dataset for Zone Analysis in Biomedical Texts: The Design Process and Preliminary Investigations.” Yoko Mizuta, Shoko Kawamoto, Tony Mullen, Ai Kawazoe, Nigel Collier. 2005. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Languages in Biology and Medicine.

"Sentiment analysis using support vector machines with diverse information sources." Tony Mullen and Nigel Collier. 2004. EMNLP 2004

"Incorporating topic information into sentiment analysis models." Tony Mullen. 2004. ACL Poster Session, Barcelona

"Augmenting sentiment analysis models using unrestricted text from the World Wide Web," Tony Mullen. 2004. Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence - SIG-KBS Meeting

"A Framework for Integrating Deep and Shallow Semantic Structures in Text Mining." Nigel Collier, Koichi Takeuchi, Ai Kawazoe, Tony Mullen and Tuangthong Wattarujeekrit. 2003. in proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Knowledge-based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems (KES'2003), Oxford, UK, September 2003, Springer-Verlag.

“Statistical Parsing of Dutch using Maximum Entropy Models with Feature Merging.” Tony Mullen, Robert Malouf and Gertjan van Noord. 2001. Proceedings of the 6th Natural Language Processing Pacific Rim Symposium. Tokyo.

“Overfitting Reduction through Feature Merging for Maximum Entropy-Based Parse Selection.” Tony Mullen. 2000. Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop in conjunction with the 38th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Hong Kong.

“Overfitting Avoidance for Stochastic Modeling of Attribute-Value Grammars.” Tony Mullen and Miles Osborne. 2000. Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning. Lisbon.

“A Common Gateway Interface for Tandem language Learning.” M.C. Appel and Tony Mullen. 2000. Proceedings of the International Congress on Technology in Teaching, jointly organized by IATEFL Computer SIG, TESOL-Spain and Universidad Europea de Madrid. Madrid.

“Null-Headed Nominals in German and English.” John Nerbonne and Tony Mullen. 1998. Proceedings of Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 1998. Leuven.

Technical reports

“Annotation of Biomedical Texts for Zone Analysis.” Yoko Mizuta, Tony Mullen and Nigel Collier. 2004. National Institute of Informatics Technical Report NII-2004-007 E.

Magazine Articles

挑戦!Processingでアートを制作. Tony Mullen. Mac People. August, 2008.

無料でチャレンジ3Dアニメーション(Blender 3D Tutorial Series). Tony Mullen. Mac People. Appearing monthly from October, 2006 through June, 2008.