CS 455: Principles of Database Systems  (Fall 2019)

Instructor: David Chiu
Meeting Time: MWF 3:00-3:50 in Thompson Hall 395
Office: Thompson Hall 390 B
Office Hours: Open door, or by appointment
Canvas: canvas.pugetsound.edu


The course syllabus contains general information on course topics, grading procedures, and classroom policies.


Homework Assignments



Course Schedule (Tentative)

Week 1 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 1 and 2)

Mon 09/02Wed 09/04Fri 09/06 Resources

Labor Day (no class)

Why DBMS? Data independence

Relational model: connection to set theory

Week 2 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 2 and 6.1)

Mon 09/09Wed 09/11Fri 09/13
Hwk 1 due

Relational model: keys, schema diagrams

Relational algebra (RA): select, project, set operators

RA: expression trees, composition

Week 3 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 6.1)

Mon 09/16Wed 09/18Fri 09/20
Project 1 due

RA: natural and theta join; projecting costs

RA: outer joins, rename, NULL values, rename

RA: aggregation and grouping

Review Guide 1: Rel. Algebra (Soln)

Week 4 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 3-4)

Mon 09/23Wed 09/25Fri 09/27
Hwk 2 due

Start SQL: defining schema; integrity constraints

SQL: selection, joins, set ops

SQL: outer joins, rename, WITH

SQLite Download Page
SQLite Browser
airport.db (already populated)

Week 5 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 3-4)

Mon 09/30Wed 10/02Fri 10/04 Resources

SQL: subqueries: IN, EXISTS; start aggregation

SQL: grouping and aggregation, triggers, transactions

In-class SQL lab I

Week 6

Mon 10/07
Hwk 3 due
Wed 10/09Fri 10/11 Resources

In-class SQL lab II


Midterm Exam I

Review Guide 2: SQL (Soln)

Week 7 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 8)

Mon 10/14Wed 10/16
Hwk 4 due
Fri 10/18
Project 2 due

DB theory: functional dependency (FD)

Armstrong's axioms and deriving inference rules

Attribute closure and keys

Week 8 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 8)

Mon 10/21Wed 10/23Fri 10/25 Resources

Fall Break

Project pitches

Normal forms: 1NF, 2NF

Review Guide 3: DB Theory (Soln)

Week 9 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 10)

Mon 10/28Wed 10/30Fri 11/01
Hwk 5 Project 3 due

BCNF; Canonical cover of FD sets

Disk and files: access times

Access patterns, disk scheduling; Start files

Week 10 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 10)

Mon 11/04Wed 11/06Fri 11/08 Resources

Buffer mgr; Start files: Format tradeoffs

File organization of tuples, cost analysis

Cost (cont'd): join algorithms

Week 11 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 11)

Mon 11/11Wed 11/13Fri 11/15 Resources

Start indexing and B+Trees


Midterm Exam II

Week 12 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 11)

Mon 11/18
Hwk 6 due
Wed 11/20Fri 11/22 Resources

B+Trees: properties, operations

B+Trees (cont.): complexity analysis; Start dynamic hashing

Consistent hashing; Bitmaps

Review Guide 4: Indexing (Soln)

Week 13 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 11)

Mon 11/25Wed 11/27Fri 11/29 Resources


Week 14 (Silberschatz, et al.: Chap 14-15)

Mon 12/02Wed 12/04Fri 12/06 Resources

Start transactions: ACID, equivalence and serializability

Transactions: serializability test, precedence graph, topoSort

Transactions: recoverability, cascadeless schedules; Concurrency protocols: 2PL and variants

Review Guide 5: Transactions

Week 15

Mon 12/09
Project 4 due
Wed 12/11Fri 12/13 Resources

Project Demos

Project Demos

Reading Period

Finals Week

Mon 12/16Wed 12/18Fri 12/20 Resources

Final Exam: 4:00-6:00
(Comprehensive; 50-60% weighted on post-mid2 material)

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